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Thursday, 19 February 2015

dark matter 
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I very rarely make time to read books. I've been a little lazy with my hobbies over the past few months (especially when you're renovating a house, juggling everything can be hard work!) I've decided I must read more this year, ideally one book a month. I came across Dark Matter in a charity shop - best place to find cheap books! I thought it sounded interesting, although I had never heard of it before.

The story revolves around Jack, a 28 year old living in London in 1937. He's very poor, and has lost his family. An expedition has been organised to the far north in Gruhunken, a deserted mine. Jack agrees to go with them, and so the three men set up camp in a small hut, but it's not too long before they experience a lot of bad luck despite previous warnings about Gruhunken.

I instantly fell in love with this book. I loved the fact it was a ghost story, and I was ready for it! It started off a little scary, but I was left a little disappointed with the ending. Overall, it's a brilliant book and I definitely recommend it. It's been written beautifully, and you can easily relate to Jack's character.

The ending took an unexpected turn for me, as I obviously had no idea what would happen, but I was hoping it wouldn't end like it did! I won't spoil it too much as it really is well worth a read.

Have you read Dark Matter? What did you think of it?


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