Omelette on the Rampage | Lacie Dearie | Review

Monday, 23 January 2017


A short horror story told from the perspective of a slice of bacon trying to survive the ferocity of a three-bird omelette that is set on getting all the food thrown out.


I really enjoyed this read. For a short book, it was a delightful distraction and I loved the story from the perspective of the food. In such a short amount of pages, Dearie was able to set up the rules of the world very well so that the reader doesn't feel confused about all that's going on. The only part of this was confusing to me was the concept of beans with breakfast, but that's probably because I'm an American. 

This short book was a delightful combination of humor and horror, one of my favorite combinations. It's well written, the characters are endearing and it's an interesting take on breakfast. I highly recommend picking up a copy. 

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