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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Faceless, Alyssa Sheinmel (2015)

Following a freak accident whilst out running Maisie is left with some serious injuries that lead to her becoming the recipient of a face transplant. Trying to rebuild her life with a new face, Maisie feels lost and alone - Faceless tells the story of how she rediscovers her identity.

I found Maisie’s story to be unique and was pleased to see an important and fascinating subject like this being explored, particularly within the YA genre. Following Maisie on her post-transplant journey was incredibly thought-provoking and I would definitely recommend picking this one up!


Nerve, Jeanne Ryan (2012)

Shy girl Vee decides to break out of her comfort zone and submits an entry to the 'Nerve' contest where teens complete all sorts of dares in exchange for their dream gifts. Through her first dare Vee meets Ian and the pair team up, putting themselves in some very dangerous situations along the way. But just how far will Vee go to win?

Whilst I found the concept intriguing and really enjoyed the fast pace of this novel, unfortunately overall it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t connect with any of the characters and this made it difficult for me to invest in their story and actions, however if you’re a fan of other ‘dare’ novels this may be one for you.

margot and me

Margot & Me, Juno Dawson (2017)

When Fliss's mum decides the pair should leave their London home to move in with her Grandmother in the Welsh countryside Fliss is less than impressed. When Fliss stumbles across Margot's wartime diary she begins to get to know the young woman that her Grandmother once was, struggling to understand how she became the stern woman that Fliss sees her as in the present.

In general I really enjoy Juno's novels and this was no exception. Margot & Me tells Fliss's story alongside diary entries written by Margot back in 1941 and is a great read with both heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. I really loved the setting of the two different time periods as well as seeing how Fliss and Margot's relationship developed throughout the novel - another one I'd recommend adding to your TBR!
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